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A Few New Features of Google Maps That are Useful to Business Owners

Google Maps is evolving faster than its car GPS brothers, and best of all, it’s still free. In addition to the features below that should help you in your journeys, Google Maps is now ...

New Smartphone Plans Less than Ideal, Costly in the Long Run

Three of the four major wireless companies – AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile – have rolled out some new smartphone plans and, needless to say, they’re deadly. Essentially, you are able to ...

Samsung and Apple Phone Security Put to the Antitheft Test

Two of the most popular smartphones on the market, the iPhone 5 and the Samsung GS3, will be put to the test on the security level. San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon ...

AI System Now Has Intelligence of 4 Year Old Child

While we’re far from Star Trek’s Lieutenant Data, we’re getting closer – and gaining speed. The University of Illinois at Chicago, one of the leading research facilities in the US when it comes to ...

When’s the Best Time to Post on Your Facebook?

If you run a Facebook for your business (hint: you should be), then you may be wondering what time of day is best to post something. You might have content down and ...

Google’s iOS and Android Applications Change, Security Strengthens

Google continues to change and tweak its applications for the two main phone operating systems. In just the last two weeks, both versions of the apps have seen new features, improvements to ...

Microsoft Surface RT Tablets see 30% Cut in Price

Lackluster sales have caused Microsoft to cut their prices on a number of their tablets rather significantly starting Sunday. Several of the models that had price reductions that resulted in savings of ...

Yahoo Begins Recycling E-Mail Accounts

Do you have an inactive Yahoo email address? Starting on July 15th; Yahoo will release the email addresses that have been inactive for a period of 12 months. These email addresses will ...

New Storage Technology Can Protect 360TB for One Million Years

A new storage system breakthrough may change the entire way storage is done, researchers say. A new type of storage based on a glass medium will not only outlive a single person, but may ...

How to Make Your Twitter Presence Powerful

Do you want a few easy ways to make your Twitter presence overwhelmingly powerful? While we all know how to use Twitter by posting “microblogs” to our Twitter feeds, do we really know how to use it to its fullest? ...


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