June 1, 2022

Marketing & Sales Assistant Internship

Interns at EnCompass bring questions and build answers.

SMB Sales & Operations

When our clients are happy, so are we!  Our team of entrepreneurial, enthusiastic and client-focused team members are the "human face" of EnCompass, helping clients build their cloud and grow their businesses.  We are dedicated to growing the unique needs of small- and medium-sized businesses.  Our team of specialists collaborate closely to spot and analyze client needs and trends.  Together, we create and implement business plans broadly for every type of small business.

Marketing & Communications

Be the voice of our team and our solutions.

Our team is the voice of EnCompass, providing the lens through which our clients and our partners experience EnCompass.  The team tells the stories around our solutions and live and breathe our motto of "clients first."


Know the client.  Know the magic.  Connect the two.  At its core, marketing at EnCompass starts with technology and ends with the client, bringing both together in unconventional ways.  Our job is to demonstrate how EnCompass’s solutions solve the world’s problems - from the everyday to the epic, from the mundane to the monumental.  And, we approach marketing in a way that only EnCompass can - breaking the rules, redefining the medium, making the client the hero and, ultimately, letting the technology speak for itself.


It's our job to help inform and educate clients and partners about the benefits of EnCompass’s solutions and our distinctive company culture/values.  We are looking for quick-witted, entrepreneurial and intellectually curious people to join the team.  To succeed here, you'll need to be able to combine creativity with the organizational skills to manage numerous different projects to tight deadlines simultaneously, as well as enjoy pitching to all kinds of clients and partners (we find it hard too!).  Things happen quickly at EnCompass, and to get stuff done here you need to be an enthusiastic team player - a self-starter who can work cross-functionally and isn't frightened to take risks or try out new ways of doing things.

Sales & Account Management

Transform the way companies interact with customers and help businesses grow.

Technology can transform the way companies interact with their customers, and our organization helps companies of all sizes to do just that.  Working with small businesses, our team applies their extensive knowledge of cloud and leverages their relationships to help businesses and revenue grow.  Teams specialize in different territories to ensure that we reach the right businesses and that we’re giving our clients the best client service possible.

Minimum Qualifications

  • College or University: Coe, Cornell, Kirkwood, or Mount Mercy.
  • Grade: Junior or Senior.
  • Library Card.
  • Motivational Assessment: Achievement or Affiliation.
  • Personality Assessment: Adapted I and Natural I.
  • Sales Assessment: Total >= Top Sales Performers.
  • Summer Internships: 8 Weeks, 30 Hours Week, and $14.50 Hour.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Majors: Business, Economics, or Marketing.


At EnCompass, one teammate can make a huge impact, and it’s no different with our interns--they are key players in our daily innovation.  As an intern, you’ll have the opportunity to work on projects core to EnCompass’s business, Sales and Marketing.

Our internships expose you to the technology industry, as well as provide opportunities for personal and professional development.  From being challenged, to collaborating with a team, join our team to make an impact.

Successful Internships

  • Summer Internships: 4 Facebook Blueprint, 4 HubSpot Marketing Courses, 4 HubSpot Sales Courses, 4 LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, 4 LinkedIn Sales Solutions, 4 Microsoft Learn.

Virtual Office

  • Microsoft 365 Enterprise.
  • Microsoft Surface Go.